Ministry of Helps

The helps ministry is vital to the mission of the church. While the helps ministry is not a five-fold ministry office, without the faithful men and women that work in the helps ministry the church could never be successful. These persons who tirelessly and diligently work behind the scenes are the real heroes to the progress of our church. Without them nothing that the five-fold ministry does, could be done. In this great ministry we have our deacons male and females, choir, host and hostess, media technicians, security etc.

Counseling Ministry

Greater Harvest Church has developed counseling ministries with licensed and trained counselors. These ministries cover all possible areas of counseling needs, including veterans and any special needs as well as alcohol and drugs. Ava Monique Patterson and Gail Lynn Wiggins.

Women’s Ministry

Lead by our two Apostle B. R Patterson and Evangelist Rosalie Morris. The women are ministered to on a regular basis. The women meet monthly. They also have monthly prayer and worship service on the second Sunday at 4pm. Our female pastors are divinely and strategically placed over our women.

Young Adult Ministry

The youth are lead, and ministered to by our youth pastor under the guidance of the Prophets who have the full responsibility of ministering and counseling young people to get them through the hard spots in life.

Prayer Ministry

James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. The Greater Harvest Church has prayer service every Wednesday, 6 to 7pm. We also now have prayer on Saturdayfrom 10am until 11am.

Men’s Ministry

Our men under the leadership of Bishop Lester. Patterson and Deacon David Jimerson are also minsitered to by our male pastors who constantly seek fellowship opportunities to bring the men together. Our male pastors are available to assist our men in the needs that are specific to men. All of our pastors are licensed and or ordained to fulfill a full array of ministerial duties.

Feeding Ministry

For the past twenty years the Greater Harvest Church has endeavored to feed the hungry in and around the Trenton area. From providing an area where neighborhood families can come, pick out, and take home bags of food to prepared meals to be served in a soup kitchen like atmosphere, we have continued to serve food. There are some areas of people’s lives where they are unable to find assistance, however, we refuse to see our people go hungry.

Marriage Ministry

The church offers group and private marriage ministry as needed. Our marriage ministry is available to the members of the church as well as open to the general public.

Greater Harvest Church